Hola world!

my aunt Lavoria and lil mawmaw

My Aunt Lavoria & my abuelita(lil granny)

Welcome to Tia Lavoria’s Famous Salsas first Blog. Here I will tell about some of my adventures in Mexico. Living there I was blessed with being able to learn from one of the best cooks in the area. No, she wasn’t a famous chef orn anything like that. She’s my Aunt Lavoria. She taught me some of the best recipes I have ever tasted. She is the sweetest thing, just a little short woman that packs a powerful cooking punch!

Learning from her I decided hey why not do a cook book for Gringos who love Mexican Food as much as I do. So that’s how all this started. I will feature a “Recipe of the Week,” from my cook book here and on my Web site (still under construction). There will be lots of pics and links to other great sites of my favorite cooks and interests. There you will be able to purchase different salsas and dips. Also there will be a place for viewers to list a favorite recipe they would like to share. This being my first Blog I have all kinds of ideas swimming through my head and I want to write it all but, lets leave something for later..lol.

This pic here is my Tia Lavoria with my angel abuelita (little granny).

Hasta luego,

Leslie La Gringa


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