Pazole Sunday @mom’s

Hey Ya’ll!

This past Sunday my daughter calls up wanting to know if I would make her and her friends a Mexican soup called Pazole. She even volunteered to buy the ingredients & so I told her of course I would. It’s an easy soup to make when you have all the ingredients out & ready then it’s not too long of a preperation. The most time consuming is the cooking part.

I had been down in the weather Sat. so needless to say the house wasn’t looking its best. My sweet Lupe gets started cleaning right I have to say I wasn’t much help because I had woke up with a bad case of allergies. My upper lip was swollen as big as a duck’s bill and head was a banging. While Lupe cleaned I layed down to try to help ease the pain after taking something for my head. I fell aseep for about 30-45 minutes and upon waking I found that the knife pain ws no longer stabbing my right eye.

I walked into the kitchen and Lupe had cleaned everything. He can be such a sweetheart, He’s always taking care of me though. I think that’s a latin man thing.

It isn’t long before my daughter Kaydi, her boyfriend Nelson, and her best friend Danielle arrive. Kaydi has brought everything to make the Pazole but, she forgot the tostadas to eat with it. Luckily I always have some extra around!

So as we get the Pazole going Kaydi has brought her binder full of movies with her. Picking out What Men Think she loads it into th DVD player. We watch the movie as Lupe preps everything for the Pazole to get it into the pot and cooking. He takes over cooking, he tends to do that a lot. He’s really a good cook, I’ve told him many times he should do something with his talent but, he doesn’t think that it’s for him.

By the time the movie is finished the Pazole is done. We all go to the kitchen to eat. Kaydi has always loved Pazole since she was a little girl. She eats two bowls to our one. Feeling good and full we all head back to the living room to throw another movie in.

Our day was satisfying with our stomachs full of the deliscious Pazole. Before it was all over they went back for seconds. Leaving with a full belly and a fun day Kaydi and her friends, we couldn’t have ask for anything better.

Leslie La Gringa


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