Missing Mexico

About this time in the past two years and this year I have been getting a feeling i’m missing something. I’ve come to the conclussion that it’s I’m missing Mexico. The last time I went was October 28th, 2009, around this time of year. I made a lot of friends one of them Yolanda, Yoli for short, and she became my closest friend. She and I did everything together. Her and her husband had a store just across the street from our little one bedroom apartment on the NE side of Guadalajara (GDL), Jalisco. That’s how we met.

Living in the second largest city in Mexico and being a country girl, I was a little leery of getting out and wondering around. But with Yoli I never had that feeling. She showed me around the neighborhood and how to get around on the bus system. GDL was my first bus ride & subway ride experiences. The little community around my apartment was just that, a community. It’s people cared about each other and watched out for one another. I never had to fear for anything and could walk to just about anything I needed within ten minutes.

The foods there were the greatest! In the mornings I had a sidewalk cafe ( yes, set up on the sidewalk) at the bottom of my steps coming out my front door. Now how’s that for room service..lol. They only served Menudo. Then across the street to the left there was another sidewalk cafe that made and sold tacos de barbacoa. This went on seven days a week. Now straight across the street in front there was a place that sold Carnitas, Chichirones, lard and more. They were only open Wed-Sun. That’s were I bought my lunch most everyday they were open. Anytime you buy something to eat from these vendors they will give you a large serving of salsa to eat with your food.

So I can say that I felt welcome there and a sense like I belonged there. It became my second home. And so every year when this tme rolls around I guess I’m going to miss everyone there and the neighborhood.

Leslie La Gringa


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