DIY SnowGlobe

Easy DIY SnowGlobe

There’s nothing like a snowglobe. I don’t care who you are or how old you are everyone love’s shaking them and watching the snow or glitter swirling around and around and then falling to the bottom. Once is never enough. I found that I have to shake it at least two to three times. I remember going to my grandmas house at Christmas and she would have them out around the house. Nowadays it doesn’t have to be Christmas to see them. They have them for almost everything.

That’s why when I seen this on I just had to put a link to it in my blog under my DIY page. It’s really easy and a great project for kids and adults alike. This is what memories are made from.

Leslie La Gringa

Make Your Own Snow Globe

image of snowglobes

DIY Snow Globe


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