Another Easy DIY Idea for Old Jars

Get out your old jars!

Here I am again with another jar project and I must say it’s a really cute easy one. So go get in your cabinets, basements, cellars, or wherever you store them and get them out cause this is one project that you will be able to enjoy year after year. It’s easy and safe enough to include the kids in.

Most of the supplies you will have around the house. I like to use cotton balls for the snow, small ornaments for the decoration, glitter, glue, paint if you want to paint the lids, felt or material if you want to go that way on the lids, and some snow spray. You can even substitute the ornaments with other things such as pinecone(s), a favorite action figure for the kids, etc.

I love hearing back from you and seeing what you have done with these ideas so please get back with me and leave me a pic!

Leslie La Gringa


             Décor in a Jar



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