Burritos-Brunch in a Flash

image of burrito avocado and crumbled cheese

Burrito Brunch

Brunch in a Flash

With my busy schedule I tend not to eat right. I’m always eating junk or something not at all healthy. Well today I decided I’m going to eat something with a couple of the food groups together so this is what I came up with.

I always have beans in my fridge. We eat them every or every other day (like a typical Mexican household). I decided to make a bean burrito so I made my re-fried beans, heated my flour tortilla, and made my burrito. Looking in the fridge I wanted a topping and decided to go with Queso Fresco. I already had some crumbled up and mixed with chopped onions from the other day. Then looking in the crisper found Avocados that I had found on sale at the local supermarket the other day (buying 3) I grab one cutting in half. After cutting it in half take a half and cut it into slices still in its peeling, but not cutting peeling. Then take a spoon and scoop out your slices.

So I placed my Bean Burrito on my plate, topping it with Queso Fresco & onions, and placing my Avocado slices to the side. You could also add a dollop of sour cream & voila!

Give it a try, easy, cheap, & healthy!

Leslie La Gringa


2012-12-07 12.51.51


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