Cold Weather Snacks-Bean Dip

image of bowl of Bean Dip

Bean Dip

Bean Dip

Ever make a big pot of Pintos and didn’t know what to do with the leftovers? Well never fear I have a solution for that. Myself I always make enough Pintos to have a pot in my fridge to last 3-4 days. We eat Pintos almost everyday just like they do in Mexico.

This is a fast, easy cheap, and nutritious snack. Most people have leftover beans and right there is like an almost free snack. Just add other things you have in the fridge. I like mine really hot but it can actually be ate cold or hot.




  • leftover pintos
  • baby onions-chopped
  • Jalapeno-chopped
  • tostadas
  • sour cream
  • Tia Lavoria’s Salsa
  • queso fresco-crumbled


  • Put beans in long or wide dish
  • Heat pintos until your liking
  • When removing beans stir to even heat
  • spread beans on tostada
  • add chopped onions, crumbled cheese, and sour cream
  • sprinkle chopped jalapeno on top (if you can handle it)

I like to let mine sit a few minutes and the tostada gets soft…mmmmm.

2012-12-13 14.35.10 2012-12-13 14.38.56 2012-12-13 14.39.07


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