Image of plateof gorditas w/pork skin, pintos and condimentsCold Weather Mexican Food


I just love Gorditas. They can be made so many ways. I think each state in Mexico has their own way of making them and I’ve come up with my own way also.

This is something I came up with years ago because I thought that a regular Gordita was a little bland.

This idea came to me one morning when I was making breakfast. I was making chorizo with eggs. A friend had brought some gorditas back from Mexico so I was going to use them with breakfast. I love chorizo in almost anything so what better way to spice up my gorditas than add chorizo to them.

So I added the chorizo to my flour mix for my gorditas after I fried it. It was a hit and I’ve fixed them that way ever since.







  • ·        1 tbsp. oil
  • ·        1 tsp. salt
  • ·        ½ tsp. turmeric
  • ·        1 lg. onion chopped
  • ·        2 Cs. water (add or decrease according to consistency of dough)
  • ·        1 15 oz. pkg. queso fresco
  • ·        2 tubes chorizo (1/4 lb.)
  • ·        3 cups Maseca instant corn masa mix
  • ·        1 lb. pork chops


  • ·        Add oil to non-stick skillet then fry 1/5 of chopped onions with chorizo until done.
  • ·        Add salt, water, chorizo (do not drain grease), and masa mix together (dough should be able to hold together as rolled into balls).
  • ·        Using same skillet cook cubed pork chops with turmeric.
  • ·        Crumble cheese as fine as you can mix with rest of chopped onions ½ & ½ (I always make 2-3 cups for extra to use another time).
  • ·        While meat cooks roll all your dough into balls.
  • ·        Pat them into patties making center like a bowl
  • ·        When meat is done add small amount of meat to center of patty enclosing meat into patty making a ball then patting out again
  • ·        Fry patties on med heat cooking on one side until done then flipping patty cooking other side until done.

Serving Suggestions:

v Serve as is as a side

v Serve with ingredients on top

v Serve with gordita sliced open and stuffed

  • Stuff with cheese & onion mix, salsa, and sour cream

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