How we got started

Hey, my name is Leslie. Where I come from that’s how we say Hi or Hello. I’m just what you would call a “good ole girl” from the foothills of western N.C. I am 45 yrs. old. I live with my significant other, I have two daughters Kaydi 24 and Stayci 23. Stayci has blessed me with three grandbabies. Their names are Kameron (boy) 6 yrs., Ahnya 3 yrs., and Imani 18 months.

I found wordpress in a textbook of mine. I am currently attending school full-time for an Assoc. Degree in Computer Information Technology and one in Web Technology. My textbook actually told of some great sites with blogs that you can attach to your Web site and so here I am. I am in the process of designing a Web site for my final grade in my Web Design class.

My Web site is going to be a place to sell my homemade Salsas and dips that I make. I’m also in the middle of whipping-up (lol) a cook book for Gringos who love Mexican food. It will be available for purchase on my site also.

I have lived in Mexico and while there my Tia (aunt) Lavoria showed me a lot of delish recipes I think Mexican food conesuors would love. On my site I will also have a “recipe of the week” with a featured recipe from my book. I also will have arts & crafts, a comment page where you can add a recipe of your liking also, lots of pictures of these foods, pictures of Mexico, links to other great Web sites, and lots lots more.

All of our salsas and dips come from only the freshest vegetables, fruits, and ingredients from our local farmer’s market. We buy only organic grown products. Everything we make is from scratch and comes from authentic recipes passed down for many generations through the Garcia family in Queretaro, Mexico. I feel honored to have been shown those recipes.

Leslie La Gringa


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