DIY Projects & Crafts

I love making things especially if it doesn’t cost much or anything for that I have an eye for seeing things in a whole different perspective. For example if I see something lieing around not being used or stored away I like to let my imagination take over. Lots of times these useless things can become usefull once again in a whole new way. What I see lots of times to others may look like junk or something to throw away.

I want to pass these ideas along to you along with other ideas thought up by others. So this page will be just for that. Here I will post things that I do that I think others would like or enjoy for themselves. Some of these posts will be from other sites where I have found great ideas and projects of interest. If you have any projects you would like to pass along feel free to list them in comments or contact me at and I will gladly add them to the page.

Happy Projecting,

Leslie La Gringa

For the link to dirctions on how to make these projects click the name over the picture.

DIY Stocking Holder                 DIY Snowglobe

image of stocking holder on mantle       image of sowglobe made from mason jar

Hand Made Cornhusk Dolls           Magic With Corks

image of corn husk hand made dolls          image of corks made ito stamps


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